Manufacture, retail and installation of metal structures

We create a unique style for each client and choose the most optimal solution for each project.

Features at a glance

Our company is engaged in the manufacture, processing and installation of metal structures. The range of our services in the manufacture of metal products is very large.
We use both black and painted metals to make our products.

We choose the best quality materials from our partners for furniture forged on the balcony and stairwells, as well as with wood and glass components.

We have experience in Estonia, Scandinavia and elsewhere.

We manufacture:

  • fences
  • stair railings
  • stairs
  • handrails
  • gates
  • glass fences
  • forged fences
  • forged balconies
  • furniture
  • number plates for houses/buildings
  • unusual solutions
  • interior and exterior details
  • plasma cutting