Metal Structures and Other Metalwork


Our company is engaged in the manufacture, processing, and installation of metal structures. Our range of metal fabrication services is very wide.

We use both black and painted metal for our products.

We select the best quality materials from our partners for forged furniture for balconies and staircases, as well as for wooden and glass components. We have rich experience in Estonia, Scandinavia and other countries.


Design & Engineering in 2D and 3D

CNC Plasma Cutting

Bending of Sheet Metal

Rolling of Pipes

Mass Production of Forged Elements





Turning and Milling

Special Metal Solutions

As the company has extensive experience and skills in metal fabrication and machining, we can carry out all kinds of projects related to metalwork.

Light structures/trusses

Support beams



We make various forging works. Each piece is an individual design and very durable.

Completed Work

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Before requesting a quote, you should know
  • Select material for production (black metal, stainless steel, glass, wood)
  • Calculate the size of the object or project
  • Do you want painted or galvanized products, i.e. zinc-plated (products are indoor or outdoor)
  • How quickly you want to receive the products or the solution
  • Your location and when it is possible to come to your place to take project measurements
  • Any additional questions that you might have
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