Making stairs is our specialty. We create staircase solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. The staircases we create are designed to fit the space in which they are built – not only in terms of dimensions but also in terms of appearance.

Stairway Materials

We use metal, wood and glass in our staircases. The choice of materials depends on the client’s wishes and vision. If you don’t know which staircase is right for you, write to us and we’ll suggest a good solution.

SMG has 10 years of experience in staircase construction. Write to us with your staircase request and we’ll find the best solution.

Types of stairs

Straight stairs

Spiral stairs

L-shaped stairs

U-shaped stairs

Evacuation Stairs

We also install evacuation stairs. The evacuation stairs are made of metal and are installed on the external facades of the buildings.


In some places it is not possible to install a staircase due to lack of space. In such cases, we will prepare and install a sturdy ladder. The ladder is suitable for places where space is limited, accessibility is difficult or where there are very few visitors.

Completed Work

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Before requesting a quote, you should know
  • Select material for production (black metal, stainless steel, glass, wood)
  • Calculate the size of the object or project
  • Do you want painted or galvanized products, i.e. zinc-plated (products are indoor or outdoor)
  • How quickly you want to receive the products or the solution
  • Your location and when it is possible to come to your place to take project measurements
  • Any additional questions that you might have
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