Awnings & Canopies


An awning is a detail that protects the door and the upper part of the door from the elements and wear and tear. It also protects the area in front of the door, be it a staircase, step or door jamb, from the harsh elements of the weather. The canopy also protects the person entering the house from icicles and other objects falling from the roof. In a house with icicles forming above the door, the awning ensures safety.

We make strong and elegant door awnings as well as car awnings, for example.

Pavilions and Conservatories

Sometimes in winter you just want to go back to summer for a moment. Farmhouses allow you to realize this dream by installing a conservatory. Studies have proven that a conservatory not only helps to get rid of the winter slump, but also contributes to utilitarian goals such as keeping the house warm and reducing heating costs.

A conservatory is almost a mandatory attribute in Eco-houses.

Types of awnings

Main entrance awning

Glass awning

Car awning

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