Design and options:
Our company is engaged in the manufacture, processing and installation of metal structures.
The range of services in the production of metal products is very high.

SMG OÜ designs and installs:
Awnings, ramps for the disabled, sliding gates with automation, stairs, stair and balcony railings.

Completed works

International experience

We use both black and painted metals to make our products. Stair and balcony railings, as well as forged iron furniture, where we use wooden and glass components, we choose the best quality materials from our partners. We have experience in Estonia, Scandinavia and other foreign countries.

You can send us a finished project or your own idea of what we are implementing. When ordering our products – the designer of SMG OÜ is always ready to help you make a project or sketch and it is completely free! You can use different colors to paint unpainted (black) metals.

Design 2D / 3D

The documentation is prepared on the basis of the customer’s drawings or samples. The designer makes the object in volume, takes into account the technical possibilities of the device and the fixtures.
Modern tools and programs are used in the design of products.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Plasma metal cutting means the use of modern equipment, which makes it possible to provide a high-capacity metal plasma cutting service, despite its complexity.
Our machines have a modern electronic control system that facilitates fast metal cutting and the cutting accuracy is as high as possible.

Maximum steel thickness 20mm

Size 1500x3000mm

Bending of sheet metal

The technology allows you to design a product sheet of the required size and shape. By bending, it is easier to give the material the desired shape. This method is easier to perform and is a cheaper alternative to welding. The choice of technology depends on the material used and the requirements for the product.

Maximum steel thickness 5 mm

Dimensions 2000 mm


Our company cuts pipes or metal profiles on modern leaf saw models. These devices allow to work with any type of metal products (cross-section not exceeding 260×260 mm) and can offer high-quality cuts without bumps. If necessary, the machines used ensure that the workpieces can be cut at an angle of up to 60 °.



The press is used to make cuts, rounding, grooves, recesses, finished perforations, blinds and other elements.

The maximum pressure is 200 tons.

Rolling of pipes

Bending is widely required in many industries. Bending of metal pipes is widespread in mechanical engineering, automotive, building construction, furniture and many other fields.

The following pipes can be bent:

Diameter: 16mm, 20mm, 30mm, 38mm, 42.4mm



Welding work is used when it is necessary to obtain a strong and inseparable connection of two metal structures to each other. Welding services for metal structures are also often used to connect metal pipes of sections of different constructions as a single unit.

Our company offers the following types of welding work:

Stainless Steel Welding (Tig)

Aluminum welding (Tig)

Welding of black iron (Mig-mag, MMA)


Metal drilling – the processing of materials by cutting, in which holes of different diameters and depths or multi-faceted holes of different sections and depths are obtained with the help of a special rotating cutting tool (drill).

The maximum diameter of the holes is 30mm.

The maximum thickness of the processed metal is 30 mm.

Turning and milling

With the help of metal turning, we carry out small, medium-sized and large-scale products of bushings, pulleys, rings, couplings, gears and non-standard products in various configurations.

Mass production of forged elements

Forging is a real art that turns cold and coarse metal into beautiful and elegant products. Elegant counterfeit interior and exterior items have been a constant classic for centuries.